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Backed by many years of experience and expertise in Trinidad & Tobago, PGH is among the leaders in the petroleum industry and offers premium services worldwide.  With an incredible portfolio already established in Trinidad & Tobago, we continue to pursue leadership in our industry through unparalleled service and sustainable, environment-promoting business practices. We have already developed an aggressive approach to distributing our petroleum products, which we aim to distribute all over the world and make readily available everywhere.

We take great pride in being leaders not only in the energy industry, but also in our distinguished position as a distributor of petroleum products and lubricants. With decades of experience in the petroleum sector, we can minimize challenges and are better able to uphold, innovate, and support the best operational practices in the industry.

Petroleum and lubricant products may be our main focus; however, they are far from the only products we offer. We maintain a proud sense of exploration, pushing the boundaries and challenging frontiers at every opportunity. Our primary objective is to provide exceptional reliability, industry-specific expertise, and safety in the oil and gas industry. 

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Building the Future with Innovation

With PGH’s extensive knowledge of the market and trade, we have developed a strong portfolio of services. Besides producing petroleum and petroleum products, we also trade in a multitude of high-demand chemicals in the market, which we deliver with our excellent logistical management solutions.


Through long-term relationships with suppliers and producers, we negotiate agreements and obtain the highest quality products.


We use our meticulously developed logistics to store our products efficiently and have them ready to ship on short notice.


Using our streamlined process, we are able to quickly and efficiently distribute products around the world with our industry leading freight fleet.


Through long-term relationships with suppliers and producers, we negotiate agreements and obtain high quality commodities and products.


We use our continuously developed logistics to store the products efficiently and ready to be shipped on short notice.


With flexible fleets and freight options, we finally take out the stored products to transport them neatly and punctually every time; we have a streamlined process all built up to deliver value.