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We understand the agricultural markets. We are always seeking to build trust-based relationships between customers and team of agriculture industry experts. Step by step, from research to financing to supply chain management and logistics, we maintain our reputation in the agricultural field with our unbeatable products and services.

South Florida oil and petrochemicals
lubricant oils for vehicle transmissions


We pride ourselves on being a leader in oils and natural gas, but that does not take away from our expertise and standing in the field of lubricants. Distribution is our asset when it comes to lubricants, and with our constant work to improve upon it, look no further than PGH.


We understand the importance of transportation of our products constantly strive to maintain a safe and sustainable. We engage in trading commodities including but not limited to coal, cement, rubber, and shredded scrap.

We are always striving to building strong, fast, and convenient supply chains that helps us deliver the commodities and enhance the value we provide our customers.

oil and petroleum products shipping
oil refinery and petrochemical factory


PHG is, first and foremost, an oil and chemicals company. Our oils are managed by industry experts and the most brilliant talent in the field.